notifyChildren<T> method Null safety

T notifyChildren<T>(
  1. RxNotifier observer,
  2. ValueGetter<T> builder

Avoids an unsafe usage of the proxy


static T notifyChildren<T>(RxNotifier observer, ValueGetter<T> builder) {
  final _observer = RxInterface.proxy;
  RxInterface.proxy = observer;
  final result = builder();
  if (!observer.canUpdate) {
    RxInterface.proxy = _observer;
    throw """
    [Get] the improper use of a GetX has been detected.
    You should only use GetX or Obx for the specific widget that will be updated.
    If you are seeing this error, you probably did not insert any observable variables into GetX/Obx
    or insert them outside the scope that GetX considers suitable for an update
    (example: GetX => HeavyWidget => variableObservable).
    If you need to update a parent widget and a child widget, wrap each one in an Obx/GetX.
  RxInterface.proxy = _observer;
  return result;