GeoHex for Dart

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Implementation of encoding for Dart language.


Encoding example:

import 'package:geohex/geohex.dart';

main() {
  //Location of Capetown
  final geoHexCode = GeoHex.encode(-33.91522085, 18.3758784, 4); //OM4138

Decoding example:

import 'package:geohex/geohex.dart';

main() {
  //Geocode of Capetown
  final geoHexZone = GeoHex.decode('OM4138'); // instance of Zone with lat -33.91522085 lon 18.3758784 and level 4


This realisation has some difference with the original lib. It's location clamping. Original uses double representation of lat'n'lon, so theoretically, it should take more precision etc. but in fact, it leads to errors.

Refer to this - decimal degrees, eight points after dot the should be enough for everything.


Dart implementation of Hexagonal geo-coding system ( encoding.