FutureWidget<T>.unsafeNoError constructor

const FutureWidget<T>.unsafeNoError({
  1. required FutureGen<T> futureGen,
  2. required DataBuilder<T> onData,
  3. required void isRefreshingCallback(
    1. bool isRefreshingState
  4. required LoadingBuilder onLoading,
  5. bool keepAlive = false,
  6. Key? key,

Creates a widget that builds depending on the state of a FutureContext.

printErrorsToConsole is always set to true (in case an unexpected error happens).


const FutureWidget.unsafeNoError({
  required FutureGen<T> this.futureGen,
  required this.onData,
  required this.isRefreshingCallback,
  required LoadingBuilder onLoading,
  this.keepAlive = false,
})  : onLoadingWithoutFirstLoad = null,
      onLoadingWithFirstLoad = onLoading,
      onError = null;