Full screen date picker

Flutter package that allows you to pick a date using a beautiful full screen UI using one line.

  • 🎨 Beautiful full screen UI.
  • 👇 Infinity scrolling.
  • 🔒 Null safe.
  • 🤖 Android, 🍎 iOS, 🌐 Web, 🍏 MacOS, 🚪 Windows and 🐧 Linux.
  • 💪 Fully tested.


Picker screen 17th of june is highlighted

How to use:

1- Add the package to your pubspac.yaml: full_screen_date_picker: any
2- Import it: import 'package:full_screen_date_picker/full_screen_date_picker.dart';
3- Open the page and await its result (be aware that the result might be null):
DateTime selectedDate = await Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => FullScreenDatePicker()));
Or if you are using GetX, you can use:
DateTime selectedDate = await Get.to(FullScreenDatePicker());
4- The returned value (which is an instance of DateTime) can be used however you like, here's an example:
DateTime selectedDate = await Get.to(FullScreenDatePicker());
print(DateFormat('d/M/y').format(selectedDate)); // output: 13/06/2021

Please note that you'll have to import the package intl to be able to use the format method presented in the example.


1- Add Custom title (default is "Select departure date")