A Flutter package supports full screen swipe back gesture, without scrolling conflicts.


  • full screen swipe back gesture instead of edge swipe
  • will not block horizontal scroll gesture of Scrollable widgets


When you use MaterialPageRoute for Navigator, you can custom page transitions,

Sets pageTransitionsTheme for MaterialApp theme.

  theme: ThemeData(
    pageTransitionsTheme: PageTransitionsTheme(
      builders: {
        TargetPlatform.android: FullScreenBackGesturePageTransitionsBuilder(),
        TargetPlatform.iOS: FullScreenBackGesturePageTransitionsBuilder(),

Option 2

If you have to use CupertinoPageRoute for Navigator, import cupertino route form this package, There is only CupertinoPageRoute has been replaced.

import 'package:full_screen_back_gesture/cupertino.dart';

Navigator.of(context).push(CupertinoPageRoute(builder: (context) => MainPage())),