Full Responsive

Responsive design = Fluid design + Adaptive design

The final solution for a full responsive design. With this package you will easily program liquid/fluid designs as well as adaptive designs from your design to your app in the most straightforward way possible.

Fluid design

fluid design example

On fluid (or liquid) designs, you lay out widgets defining with proportions their sizes.

Adaptive design

adaptive design example On adaptive design you program a specific UI for every screen size

How to use

Define in your app this


For every screen your app has define:

class ScreenFoo extends StatelesWidget{
    Widget build(BuildContext context){
        return FullResponsiveScreen(

Design resolution sizes advice.

When you design it's a good practice to take in consideration the most popular resolutions used as well as the IOS device sizes. For that we suggest you use one of the following sizes:

  • small: 390x844
  • medium: 1024x768
  • big: 1920x1080


The bunch of tools for handling full responsive designs in your app