Coverage tools like codecov only see the files that were actually triggered by tests. This means that a coverage of 100% can easily be a lie, e.g. you can just write a dummy test that does not import any files and a coverage tool will ignore all the code base.

Luckily, this package resolves this problem.

How it works

The full_coverage package harvests the power of Bash to find all files in specified directory, by default it is lib directory, where all Flutter files are. It then creates a dummy test file test/full_coverage_test.dart that imports all the Dart files that were found and has an empty void main() {} function so that it actually starts.


Use this command:

dart pub global activate full_coverage


Use the command:

dart pub global run full_coverage

Or add the cache-system to your PATH environment variable for run directly. Check documentation for more;


Other commands

-i, --ignore       Ignore files. ex (*_widget.dart,*_page.dart).
-h, --[no-]help    usage doc.

For more details Telegram Group Flutterando.


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