This is not production ready. Please wait for the first release.

Fstate - Flutter-first State Management

This project is an experimental state management library for Flutter. You can find a roadmap here.

Separation of State and UI

Develop state and UI separately and wire them up declaratively.

f(state) = UI

Declarative Dependency Injection with Reactive State

No imperative dependency

No imperative reactivity

Easy timing control

(TODO) Safe side-effect

On lifecycle

On Actions

(TODO) Fstate Inspector - Easy to Debug

(TODO) Definitely Declarative Routing - File-based routing

Router also has a state and is reactive to the state. Flutter provides declarative routing via Router API, but it's cumbersome to implement.


  • x Simple injection
  • x Simple selector
  • x Simple alternator
  • x Simple widget builder
  • x Async selector
  • x Async action
  • x State from the selector
  • x Family
  • x Error/Loading widget builder
  • x Auto dispose
  • Observer - "Side-effect" (state lifecycle)
    • before init
    • after init
    • before action
    • after action
    • before dispose
    • after dispose
  • Isolate-based
    • Since v3.7, flutter supports background isolate platform channels. This is a good opportunity to make fstate isolate-based.
  • Error/Loading Boundary Widget
  • Testability
    • Overridable state
    • State only test
    • Widget test
  • Reset state
  • Enhance DX
    • Multi step generation for better DX - reduce the number of annotations
    • Static State Inspector
    • Live State Inspector
    • VScode extension
  • File-based routing


Run test

Install dependencies for tests

dart pub global activate coverage
dart pub global activate full_coverage

and install lcov and genhtml for coverage report.

Run tests

Each package has scripts/ to run tests.