task_either_value library


asComplete<L, R>(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev) TaskEitherValue<L, R>
asLoading<L, R>(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev) TaskEitherValue<L, R>
fromEither<L, R>(Either<L, R> either, {bool loading = false}) TaskEitherValue<L, R>
isLoading<L, R>(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev) bool
isLoadingOrNone<L, R>(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev) bool
map<L, A, B>(B f(A a)) TaskEitherValue<L, B> Function(TaskEitherValue<L, A> tev)
none<L, R>() TaskEitherValue<L, R>
putData<L, R>(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev, R data) TaskEitherValue<L, R>
toEither<L, R>(L onNone()) → Either<L, R> Function(TaskEitherValue<L, R> tev)
toOption<R>(TaskEitherValue<dynamic, R> tev) → Option<R>
withValueNotifier<L, R>(ValueNotifier<TaskEitherValue<L, R>> notifier, TaskEither<L, R> task) FutureOr<Either<L, R>>


TaskEitherValue<L, R> = Either<L, Tuple2<Option<R>, bool>>
Represent the different states of an async operation. Is Left when there was an error. The tuple includes a boolean indicating the loading state.