fpdt_flutter library




askFlutterOp<E>() FlutterOp<E, FlutterOpContext>
flutterOpDo<E, A>(DoFunction<FlutterOpContext, E, A> f) FlutterOp<E, A>
stateMachineAtom<S, SM extends StateMachineBase<S>>(AtomReader<SM> create) → AtomWithParent<S, Atom<SM>>
stateMachineProvider<SM extends StateMachineBase>(dynamic ref, SM sm) → SM
Helper for creating riverpod providers
stateMachineStateProvider<S>(dynamic ref, StateMachineBase<S> sm) → S
Helper for creating riverpod providers
taskEitherAtom<L, R>(AtomReader<FutureOr<Either<L, R>>> create) TaskEitherAtom<L, R>
useFlutterOp<E, A>(FlutterOp<E, A> op, [List deps = const []]) → TaskEither<E, A>
useFlutterOpWithState<E, A>(FlutterOp<E, A> op, [List deps = const []]) → Tuple2<TaskEitherValue<E, A>, TaskEither<E, A>>
useValueListenableOption<A>(Option<ValueListenable<A>> notifier) → Option<A>


FlutterOp<E, A> = ReaderTaskEither<FlutterOpContext, E, A>
TaskEitherAtom<L, R> = AtomWithParent<TaskEitherValue<L, R>, Atom<FutureOr<Either<L, R>>>>
TaskEitherValue<L, R> = Either<L, Tuple2<Option<R>, bool>>
Represent the different states of an async operation. Is Left when there was an error. The tuple includes a boolean indicating the loading state.