This library allows printing receipts on bluetooth thermal printers (android only). Support 58mm and 80mm printer.

It allows to print QR, BarCode, Images RasterImages with the esc_pos_utils package.

List bounded devices

Get list of bluetooth devices, it supports any version of bluetooth, not just BLE.

    List<PrinterDevice> devices = [];
    FpBtPrinter printer = FpBtPrinter();

    Future<void> getDevices() async {
        final response = await printer.scanBondedDevices();
        setState(() {
        devices = response;

Check device connected

You can check that the connection with the device is correct.

    Future<void> setConnet(PrinterDevice d) async {
        final response = await printer.checkConnection(d.address);

This method recibe address of the printer and List

    FpBtPrinter printer = FpBtPrinter();
    final resp = await printer.printData(bytes, address: address);
    if (resp.success) {
     //print ok
    } else {
    print(resp.message); //print error

Ticket with Styles usin :

List<int> getTicket() {
  final List<int> bytes = [];
  // Using default profile
  final profile = await CapabilityProfile.load();
    final generator = Generator(PaperSize.mm80, profile);
    List<int> bytes = [];

    // //  Print image:
    final ByteData data = await rootBundle.load('assets/wz.png');
    final Uint8List bytesImg = data.buffer.asUint8List();
    var image = decodePng(bytesImg);

    // resize
    var thumbnail =
        copyResize(image!, interpolation: Interpolation.nearest, height: 200);

    bytes += generator.text("fp_bt_printer",
        styles: PosStyles(align: PosAlign.center, bold: true));

    bytes += generator.imageRaster(thumbnail, align: PosAlign.center);

    bytes += generator.reset();
    bytes += generator.setGlobalCodeTable('CP1252');
    bytes += generator.feed(1);
    bytes += generator.text("HELLO PRINTER by FPV",
        styles: PosStyles(align: PosAlign.center, bold: true));
    bytes += generator.qrcode("https://github.com/FranciscoPV94",
        size: QRSize.Size6);
    bytes += generator.feed(1);
    bytes += generator.feed(1);

    final resp = await printer.printData(bytes, address: address);
  return bytes;

Tested and working with following Bluetooth Thermal Printers:

Xprinter Portable Thermal Printer

Model: Bixolon SPP-R310


test receipt

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