CampaignProfile class

campaign profile manager library



CampaignProfile(Client client)
campaign profile object


accountId String
account id of the profile
getter/setter pairinherited
accountLevel num
account level for profile
no setter
accountResources Iterable<AccountResource>
get account resources of the profile
no setter
backpack BackpackProfile
BackpackProfile backpack profile manager
getter/setter pair
backpackSize num
backpack size
no setter
bannerQuests List<BannerQuest>
get banner quests of profile
no setter
client Client
The master client
collectionBookLevel num
collection book level
no setter
commandoHeroes Iterable<STWHero>
commando type heroes of the profile
no setter
completedMissionAlerts List<String>
get completed mission alerts
no setter
completedStormShields Map<String, int>
get completed storm shields
no setter
constructorHeroes Iterable<STWHero>
constructor type heroes of the profile
no setter
created DateTime
When the profile was created
getter/setter pairinherited
enduranceCompletions Map<String, DateTime?>
get endurance completions
no setter
fortStats Map<String, int>
get total FORT stats of the profile. this is the sum of FORT stats of survivorFORT and researchFORT.
no setter
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
heroes Iterable<STWHero>
get stw heroes of the profile
no setter
heroLoadouts Iterable<STWHeroLoadout>
get hero loadouts of the profile
no setter
initialized bool
is the profile initialized
getter/setter pairinherited
items List<ProfileItem>
profile items
getter/setter pairinherited
managers Iterable<STWWorker>
get manager workers of the profile
no setter
matchesPlayed num
matches played
no setter
mfaClaimed bool
mfa rewards claimed or not
no setter
ninjaHeroes Iterable<STWHero>
ninja type heroes of the profile
no setter
outlanderHeroes Iterable<STWHero>
outlander type heroes of the profile
no setter
pastMaxLevel num
past max level for profile
no setter
pendingDifficultyRewards Map<String, int>
get pending difficulty rewards
no setter
pendingResearchLevels Map<String, int>
get pending research levels (research levels that are below 120)
no setter
powerLevel num
returns power level rating of profile
no setter
powerLevelCurve CurveTable
power level curve table reader
getter/setter pair
profileId FortniteProfile
The profile id of mcp profile
getter/setter pairinherited
researchFORT Map<String, int>
get FORT stats by research of profile
no setter
researchLevels Map<String, int>
get research levels
no setter
researchPoints num
available research points
no setter
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
rvn int
number of profile revisions
getter/setter pairinherited
sbx int
Battle royale xp collected from stw
no setter
schematics Iterable<STWSchematic>
get stw schematics of the profile
no setter
serverTime DateTime
time of epic servers
getter/setter pairinherited
stats Map<String, dynamic>
profile stats
getter/setter pairinherited
storage StorageProfile
StorageProfile storage profile manager
getter/setter pair
storageSize num
storage size
no setter
stormKingQuest StormKingQuest
get current storm king quest
no setter
stormKingSchematics List<STWSchematic>
get storm king schematics
no setter
stormKingSchematicsCount Map<String, int>
get storm king schematics count
no setter
survivorFORT Map<String, int>
get FORT stats from survivor squads.
no setter
survivorSquadPreset SurvivorSquadPreset
get current survivor squad preset
no setter
survivorSquads Map<String, List<STWWorker>>
returns survivor squads of the profile. there are 8 survivors squads in total. each squad can have a max of 8 survivors.
no setter
traps Iterable<STWSchematic>
get stw trap of the profile
no setter
tutorialCompleted bool
completed tutorial?
no setter
unslotCost num
unslot cost
no setter
updated DateTime
When the profile was last updated
getter/setter pairinherited
venturesBackpack ↔ VenturesBackpackProfile
VenturesBackpackProfile ventures backpack profile manager
getter/setter pair
venturesFORT Map<String, int>
get ventures FORT stats of profile
no setter
venturesPowerLevel num
returns ventures power level rating of profile
no setter
weapons Iterable<STWSchematic>
get stw weapons of the profile
no setter
workers Iterable<STWWorker>
get workers of the profile
no setter


claimDailyReward() Future<ClaimDailyRewardResponse>
claim daily rewards
collectCollectionBookRewards() Future<void>
claim pending collection book level rewards
collectDifficultyRewards() Future<void>
claim pending difficulty rewards
collectMissionAlertRewards() Future<void>
claim pending difficulty rewards
collectResearchPoints() Future<void>
collect research points
confirmInitialized() bool
equipSurvivorSquadPreset(SurvivorSquadPreset preset) Future<void>
set a survivor squad preset
init(String? accId) Future
init the profile
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
skipTutorial() Future<void>
skip campaign tutorial if not completed
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
upgradeHomebaseNode(String nodeId) Future<void>
updgrade a homebase node
upgradeResearchStat(String stat) Future<void>
upgrade research stat


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.