Form Builder Cupertino Fields

Additional form inputs fields with Cupertino style for flutter_form_builder package

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  • Cupertino fields with FormBuilderField logic
  • Only cupertino dependencies, without material imports


The currently supported fields include:

  • FormBuilderCupertinoCheckbox - Single checkbox field
  • FormBuilderCupertinoSegmentedControl - Segmented control using CupertinoSegmentedControl
  • FormBuilderCupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl - Segmented control bar using CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl
  • FormBuilderCupertinoSlider - For selection of a numerical value on a slider
  • FormBuilderCupertinoSwitch - On/Off switch field
  • FormBuilderCupertinoTextField - A text field input



No specific setup required: only install the dependency and use :)

Basic use

final _formKey = GlobalKey<FormBuilderState>();

    key: _formKey,
    child:  FormBuilderCupertinoTextField(
        name: 'text',
        onChanged: (val) {
            print(val); // Print the text value write into TextField

See example tab or github code for more details



You have some ways to contribute to this packages

  • Beginner: Reporting bugs or request new features
  • Intermediate: Implement new features (from issues or not) and created pull requests
  • Advanced: Join to organization like a member and help coding, manage issues, dicuss new features and other things

See contribution file for more details

Questions and answers

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