Forge2D - A Dart port of the Box2D physics engine


The Box2D physics engine is a fairly famous open source physics engine and this is our dart port of it.

You can use it independently in Dart or in your Flame project with the help of flame_forge2d.

Some documentation of how to use it together with flame can be found here.


Box2D was first written in C++ and released by Erin Catto in 2007, but it is still maintained.

It was then ported to Java (jbox2d) by Daniel Murphy around 2015.

Then from that Java port it was ported to Dart by Dominic Hamon and Kevin Moore.

A few years after that Lukas Klingsbo refactored the code to follow the dart standard more, since it still had a lot of reminiscence from C++. After this refactor we renamed it to Forge2D since the upstream wasn't maintained to take in our PRs.

There has also been countless other contributors which we are very thankful to!