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Forest Logger is a comprehensive logging tool designed to facilitate easy and efficient logging in software applications. This document provides detailed information on how to use its various functionalities.


Using Forest Logger as a Library

$ flutter pub add forest_logger
$ flutter pub get


  • On Android/Windows/Linux devices it run in color mode, on iOS, macOS it runs in black-white mode
  • Allows logging while in profile/release modes
  • Created timestamps for log events



Initializes the Forest Logger library with various logging configurations.


  • isDebugModeEnabled: (bool, default false) Enables debug logs.
  • isProfileModeEnabled: (bool, default false) Enables profile logs.
  • isReleaseModeEnabled: (bool, default false) Enables release logs.
  • useTimestamps: (bool, default false) Enables timestamps in logs.
  • useSeparators: (bool, default false) Enables a dotted separator in the console logs.
  • showSystemLogs: (bool, default true) Enables system logs.


This function sets up the logger with the specified configurations, allowing for tailored logging experiences in different modes (debug, profile, release). It includes options for timestamps and console separators for enhanced log readability.


  isDebugModeEnabled: true,
  useTimestamps: true,
  useSeparators: true,

error(string) - and the others

Initializes the Forest Logger library with various logging configurations.


  • (string) The String to be logged.
Method Description Use Case Log Level Color
critical Logs critical messages indicating serious failures. Code breaking logs. 50 Red
error Logs error messages. When an error occurs, typically in a try-catch block. 40 Red
success Logs success messages. To log successful events. 0 Green
warning Logs warning messages. For warnings, e.g., non-nominal API responses. 30 Yellow
info Logs informational messages. For informational prints. 20 Blue
debug Logs debug messages. For debug prints. 10 Magenta
todo Logs todo messages. For planned or todo texts. 0 Cyan
systemLog Logs system messages. General purpose logging. 0-50 White


Forest.error("An error occurred in the application.");

Examples description:

The upper line logs an error message in red to the console, typically used within a try-catch block.


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