The free Font Awesome Icon pack based on the font_awesome_flutter package with additional mapped metadata allowing to search and filter the icons. Latest build is based on Font Awesome version 6.3.0.


In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  font_awesome_metadata: <latest_version>


This package contains a search structure in the form of a map. This is an inverted map from the official Font Awesome data, where each search terms is mapped with a list of Icons. This map called searchTermMappings can be used to execute direct or expanded searches. A direct search would return your results from an exact match:

import 'package:font_awesome_metadata/font_awesome_metadata.dart';
List<IconData> results = searchTermMappings[searchTerm];

Or you can expand the query by looking for all the words containing your search term:

    List<IconData> results = searchTermMappings.entries // get the entries as iterable
          .where((e) => e.key.contains(searchTerm)) // search for all the entries where the key contains the search term
          .map((e) => e.value) // select only the entry value
          .expand((e) => e) // because the value is a list expand all the results to a single list
          .toSet() // make sure you don't have duplicates

The faNamedMappings map has a one to one relation from the Icon name to it's respective IconData, based on the Font Awesome website. The naming is changed to camelCase and icons starting with numbers have the numbers in a writtern form.


The FaIconCategory class is build based on the search categories from the Font Awesome website. Each category has a list of Icons and additional metadata which can be used for display.

        hint: const Text('Select category'),
        items: FaIconCategory.categories
        .map((e) => DropdownMenuItem<IconCategory>(
            value: e,
            child: Text(e.label),
        onChanged: (value) {
            setState(() {
                results = value?.icons ?? [];


Search and filter data structure for FontAwesome Icons