This package help solve the problem of not being able to display font awesome icon class in the mobile screen. This package is made with the help of "font_awesome_flutter".


This package is made with the help of font_awesome_flutter


You can convert all font awesome icon classes into widgets that can be displayed in flutter.


This is how simply you can generate icon using className(String)

Converts a Font Awesome icon class name to a Flutter widget.

The className parameter is the name of the Font Awesome icon class. The size parameter is the size of the icon in pixels. The semanticLabel parameter is the semantic label for the icon. The color parameter is the color of the icon. The textDirection parameter is the text direction of the icon.

Returns a Flutter widget that displays the Font Awesome icon.


faClassToIcon('fa fa-at',size: 20,semanticLabel: "@",color:,textDirection: TextDirection.ltr)

Additional information

You can head over to my github and contribute to this package.