FmvvmStatelessWidget<V extends BindableBase> constructor

  1. @mustCallSuper
FmvvmStatelessWidget<V extends BindableBase>(
  1. V _bindableBase,
  2. bool _isNavigable,
  3. {Key key}

Creates the FmvvmStatelessWidget object.

_viewModel is the view model to be used. _isNavigable should be true if this widget will be treated like a page instead of part of a page.


FmvvmStatelessWidget(this._bindableBase, this._isNavigable, {Key key})
    : super(key: key) {
  if (_bindableBase is! ViewModel && _isNavigable) {
    throw ArgumentError(
        "Navigable FmvvmStatelessWidget objects must be of type ViewModel");