Dart package to automate the boring work, like creating assets, folder structures, importing packages etc for Flutter via CLI.

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🤓 How to Use

First of all, run this command in your project's root directory:

flutter pub add -d fmagus

It'll add FMagus as a dev dependency to your pubspec.yaml file. You can see more details in Installing.

FMagus is a package wich helps with through CLI commands to automate the boring work. You run it with the command in your flutter project's root directory:

flutter pub run fmagus:<command>

Substitute <command> with the command you want to run. For example:

flutter pub run fmagus:help


Command Details
help Displays a table with all FMagus commands.
build It builds your project.

--target="platform": android, ios, web, windows, linux or macos.

--type="output": apk or appbundle in case of android,
canvaskit or html in case of web. Others only have one option.
Defaults to: AppBundle (android) or CanvasKit(Web).

--obfuscate="option": true for obfuscate your code or false to not to.
Defaults to: true.

--debugInfo="directory": The directory for debug info in case of
code obfuscating. Defaults to: projectRoot/debug.
clean Cleans Flutter cache and downloads the packages and plugins again.
generate_image_asset Generate image assets of all sizes (4.0x, 3.0x, 2.0x, 1.5x, 1.0x, 0.75x)
from a given image. The 4.0x asset will be the same size as the given image,
the others will be scaled proportionally.

--path="resource_path": The path to the image that will
serve as the resource.

--assetName="name": The name the asset will have
after the creation (without the extension).
route_generator Creates a RouteGenerator.
provider_scope Creates a custom MultiProvider widget.
theme_configs Creates a basic file with some configs to App Theme (Material 3).
hive Imports all the Hive Packages necessary to Flutter.

--generator="option": true to import the code generator for
custom Hive Objects, false to not. Defaults to: false.
hive_configs Creates a basic file with some initial configs to use Hive.
hive_settings_repository Creates a basic file based on repository pattern to store
app settings with Hive.
firebase Imports some basic Firebase packages.
mobx Imports all the MobX packages necessary to Flutter.
mvc Creates a basic directory structure for MVC Design Pattern, with some extras.

🕰️ Version History

See the Version History file for more details.

📝 License

This project is under license. See the License file for more details.