Flutterw wraps flutter tool to support scripts and command hooks.

Flutterw Melos

Why Flutterw

Flutter Tool is shipped with Flutter SDK every version with some changes. However, upgrading Flutter SDK version is not easy as projects maybe in production mode.

How to be benifited of the Flutter Tool changes without upgrading Flutter SDK is always confusing. Also, the Flutter Tool does not give chance to do extra work during command running.

To solve these (and other related) problems, flutterw is created.

Flutterw wraps flutter tool to support scripts and command hooks. Hooks are pre, post and command scripts. pre and post scripts enable you to do extra work before and after running command and command scripts enable you to customize command behavior.

What can Flutterw do?

  • Dispatch arguments to flutter if no scripts configured in pubspec.yaml
  • Scripts shortcut flutterw <script> runs scripts in pubspec.yaml
  • pre:command scripts are executed before running command
  • command scripts are executed to replace original command
  • post:command scripts are executed after running command
  • Use packages in Pub to enhance/replace flutter builtin commands

Who is using Flutterw?

The following projects are using Flutterw:


See Documentation for details.


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