FlutterUITextStyle extension Null safety

FlutterUITextStyle is a helper extension.

Note: This class actually belongs to the FlutterUI package.


Static Methods

rebase(TextStyle? style, {bool? inherit, Color? color, Color? backgroundColor, double? fontSize, FontWeight? fontWeight, FontStyle? fontStyle, double? letterSpacing, double? wordSpacing, TextBaseline? textBaseline, double? height, TextLeadingDistribution? leadingDistribution, Locale? locale, Paint? foreground, Paint? background, List<Shadow>? shadows, List<FontFeature>? fontFeatures, TextDecoration? decoration, Color? decorationColor, TextDecorationStyle? decorationStyle, double? decorationThickness, String? debugLabel, String? fontFamily, List<String>? fontFamilyFallback}) TextStyle
Method for modifying final properties.