A Object Like Model put on Firebase Firestore Database to make Modelling Databases easier and faster


Getting started

Install the with flutter pub add firebase_oop_modeler


Create an DatabaseObject with input and output function it will be 1:1 representet in your Database

class TestObject extends DatabaseObject {
  String? name;
  int? age;

  TestObject({this.name, this.age, super.ref});

  Map<String, dynamic> toMap() {
    return {
      'name': name,
      'age': age,

  void fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> d) {
    name = d['name'];
    age = d['age'];

Loading data from Firebase

You can load Objects of a Type from the database with the following functions:

TestObject to = loadSnapshot(DocumentSnapshot d, TestObject.new);
TestObject to = await loadReference(DocumentReference d, TestObject.new);
TestObject to = await loadAllFromPath("users/user1", TestObject.new);

Collection API

You can scan Collections with the following functions:

// Not Reccomended
DatabaseList<TestObject> lo = fromQuerySnapshot(CollectionReference d, QuerySnapshot l, TestObject.new);

DatabaseList<TestObject> lo = loadCollection(CollectionReference d, TestObject.new);

DatabaseList<TestObject> lo = loadAllFromPath("user", TestObject.new);