Control your flutter application on zeplin.

🎯 Usage

var zeplinData = ZeplinFlutter.fetchFromZeplin(token: @token,projectId: @projectId);
zeplinData.getColor(@COLORNAME); //Color
zeplinData.getTextStyle(@STYLENAME); //TextStyle
zeplinData.boxSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox
zeplinData.horizontalSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox
zeplinData.verticalSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox

--- OR ---

await ZeplinFlutter.fetchFromZeplin(token: @token,projectId: @projectId);

ZeplinFlutter.instance.getColor(@COLORNAME); //Color
ZeplinFlutter.instance.getTextStyle(@STYLENAME); //TextStyle
ZeplinFlutter.instance.boxSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox
ZeplinFlutter.instance.horizontalSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox
ZeplinFlutter.instance.verticalSpace(@SPACERNAME); //SizedBox

💻 Example


🚀 How To Get Project ID

open your project on zeplin app or web site then go to styleguide tab

Step 1 Step2
url url

🚀 How To Get Token

go to zeplin developer page

Step 1 Step 3 Step 3
url url url

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Contributing

All contributions are welcome! Just make sure that it's not an already existing issue or pull request.

👥 Contributors