Flutter XMP

A Flutter library to deal with Images XMP data extraction using native implementation for both Android and iOS.

pub package

Getting Started

  flutter_xmp: ^1.0.1

Import the package:

import 'package:flutter_xmp/flutter_xmp.dart';

Use the extractXMPFrom static method and you're done!

Map<String, dynamic> result = await FlutterXmp.extractXMPFrom(url: "https://images.com/my-awesome-image.jpg");
Map xmpData = result["metadata"]; // A Map containing the extracted XMP data
List<int> imageData = result["image_data"]; // A ByteArray containing the image data

Obs: For now the package works only with remote images.


Android Screenshot

iOS Screenshot

Next steps:

  • x Extract XMP info from remote images
  • Extract XMP info from local images