Flutter Work Utils

Flutter Utils is a miscelaneous package with multiple utilities that can take out of thinking how to solve problems or losing time building simple methods that should already exist in flutter

Flutter Work Utils includes this packages

  • color_parse: A method to parse hex color strings to Color objects.

    • e.g.
          String stringColor = "ff000000";
          Color? res = colorFromString (stringColor);
  • dates: An extension of DateTime class to have multiple types of string formatted dates

    • e.g.
          DateTime date = DateTime.now ();
          print (date.dateString); // Will return 26-09-2022
          print (date.hourString); // Will return 22:42
          print (date.monthAbbr); // Will return SEPT
    • It also has a method to parse a millsecond date to DateTime? class validating zeros
  • digester: An extension of String impulsed by crypto package to convert a string into sha256 diggest

    • e.g.
          String password = "hola12";
          String diggest = password.diggest; // Will return sha256 of "hola12"
  • font_color_switcher: Includes a method that will return the contrasted color of the background passed as argument

    • e.g.
          Color background = Colors.black;
          Color textColor = getColorContrast(background); // Will return white
  • iterable: An Extension of iterable class

    • methods
      • containsLambda: A method to get all values of a list that match with a method
        • e.g.
              List<String> names = ["John", "Charles", "Lisa", "Dog"];
              List<String> namesWithO = names.containsLambda ((name) => name.contains("o"));
      • allLambda: A method to check if all elements in a current list satisfy a method
        • e.g.
              List<String> names = ["John", "Charles", "Lisa", "Dog"];
              print (names.allLambda ((name) => name.contains("o"))); // prints false
      • containsAll: A method to check if all elements of a list exists in current List
        • e.g.
              List<String> names = ["John", "Charles", "Lisa", "Dog"];
              print (names.containsAll (["John", "Miguel"])); // prints false
      • containsAny: A method to check if at least one elements of a list exists in current list
        • e.g.
              List<String> names = ["John", "Charles", "Lisa", "Dog"];
              print (names.containsAny (["John", "Miguel"])); // prints true
  • logger: A package to log with a better structure

    • NOTE: Xcode does not support color Text
    • methods
      • printWarning (Object)
      • printError (Object)
      • printSuccess (Object)
      • printLog (Object)
  • map: An extension of Map with utils

    • methods:
      • pprint: Return a string of the map with a pretty printing
        • e.g.
              Map<String, dynamic> myMap = {"Hello": "There", "General": "Kenobi"}
              print (myMap.pprint); //will print
                  Hello: There
                  General: Kenobi
  • nav_route: Contains a method to generate a uri route based on a string route and query parameters

    • e.g.
          String route = generateNavRoute ("/home", queryParams: {"foo": "bar"});
          print (route); // prints "/home?foo=bar"
  • network_image: Contains a method to load and get bytes of an image from a URL

    • e.g.
          Uint8List? bytes = getBytesFromNetworkImageUrl ("https://image.com/image.png");
  • query_parameters: An extension of string that will generate a RoutingData object based on a navigation route

    • e.g.
          String route = "/home?foo=bar"; // See nav_route package
          RoutingData data = route.getRoutingData;
          print (data.contains ("foo")); // prints true
  • router: Contains a class to manage routing with a web strategy (Beta)

    • attributes

      • navigatorKey: Key binded to material app, allow this class to control the app navigation in any moment of context
    • methods:

      • navigateTo: Used to navigate with named routes and query params
        • e.g.
              //Using get_it package
              locator<NavigationService>.navigateTo("/home", queryParams: {"foo": "bar"});
      • goBack: Used to return to the last tree position
        • e.g.
              //Using get_it package
    • This package also contains a method to get query params by name

      • e.g.
            String? fooValue = getQueryParam (context, "foo"); // will save bar
  • scroll_configuration: This package contains a scroll behavior that will be very useful in web development, because it removes default scrolling

    • This scroll configuration should be applied in the return of the child in material app
    • e.g.
          return MaterialApp(
          title: 'Test',
          debugShowCheckedModeBanner: runtime == "Test",
          scaffoldMessengerKey: _scaffoldKey,
          theme: lightTheme,
          darkTheme: darkTheme,
          themeMode: ui.themeMode,
          initialRoute: SplashScreen.routeName,
          navigatorKey: locator<NavigationService>().navigatorKey, // <-- Here, router package is used
          builder: (ctx, child) {
              return ScrollConfiguration(
                  // ScrollClean is the configuration
                  behavior: ScrollClean().copyWith(
                      scrollbars: false
                  child: child??Container()
          localizationsDelegates: const [
          supportedLocales: S.delegate.supportedLocales,
          locale: Locale(ui.locale),
          onGenerateRoute: (settings) => RutaPercepthor.generateRoute(settings, context),
  • string_utils: An extension of string that contains some useful string formats

    • attributes:
      • pertenence: Will return the pertenence string of a word
        • e.g.
              String name = "John";
              print ("${name.pertenence} house"); // will print "John's house
      • formattedSearchText: Will return a string with no spaces, in lowercase and with no diacritics
        • e.g.
              Sring name = "MarĂ­a Juanita Lisandra";
              print (name.formattedSearchtext); //. Will print "mariajuanitalisandra";
  • unfocus: Contains a method to unfocus keyboard from screen in any context