Flutter wit.ai Package

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wit.ai is a natural language interface for statements into structured data. This package helps get a structured data from wit.ai console as per the trained utterance for Flutter. You can read a lot more about wit.ai and its documentation here.

Feel free to hit me up with PR for any issues and further improvements for this package.

Getting Started

Begin by importing the package into your dart file.

import 'package:flutter_witai/flutter_witai.dart';

Create an object wit from the package's WitManager option. WitManager has two parameters, namely utterance and headers.

Witin utterance, add your utterance text for which the data has to be generated, and within headers add your Server Access Token which can be retrieved from wit.ai settings console.

    final wit = WitManager(
        utterance: "hello",
        headers: "SERVER_ACCESS_TOKEN");

Retrieve the HTTP API, by executing


To verify if the retrieval was a success, print the value of the retrieved API to the console.

To get parameters like entities and traits, simply tap into the retrieved API's entities and traits value. Other parameters can similary be retrieved and also viewed within the print of retrieved API

dynamic response = await wit.fetchLink();