WhatsApp Stickers plugin for Flutter

pub package

Note: This plugin is still under development and for now, only Android is supported. Feedback and Pull Requests welcome!

Getting Started

Add flutter_whatsapp_stickers as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Check out the example directory for a sample app.

Android Configuration

Add the following option to your app\build.gradle file. This will prevent all WebP files from being compressed.

android {
    aaptOptions {
        noCompress "webp"

Packaged Assess

You need to include your assets in your pubspec.yaml file.

    - sticker_packs/sticker_packs.json
    - sticker_packs/1/

Dynamic Content

If you are using assets that are not bundled in your build, then you need to add the following to your Manifest file. Note that you cannot use both.

<meta-data android:name="NonAssetContentProvider" android:value="true" />

Sticker Pack Contents File

To change the stickers packs file, add this Build Config Field to your app\build.gradle file. The default is sticker_packs.json.

buildConfigField("String", "STICKER_PACK_FILE", "\"sticker_packs.json\"")

iOS Integration

Currently, there is no iOS support. Pull requests for this are more than welcome for this.


Check if WhatsApp is installed.

bool whatsAppInstalled = await WhatsAppStickers.isWhatsAppInstalled;

Check if the WhatsApp Consumer package is installed

bool whatsAppConsumerAppInstalled = await WhatsAppStickers.isWhatsAppConsumerAppInstalled;

Check if the WhatsApp Business package app is installed

bool whatsAppSmbAppInstalled = await WhatsAppStickers.isWhatsAppSmbAppInstalled;

Check if a sticker pack is installed.

_stickerPackInstalled = await WhatsAppStickers().isStickerPackInstalled(_stickerPackIdentifier);

Add a sticker pack to WhatsApp.

  packageName: WhatsAppPackage.Consumer,
  stickerPackIdentifier: _stickerPackIdentifier,
  stickerPackName: _stickerPackName,
  listener: _listener,

Updated Sticker Pack contents and notify listeners


The Add Sticker Pack Listener

Future<void> _listener(StickerPackResult action, bool result, {String error}) async {
    // Do what you must here

Here is an example of how to create a custom stickers_packs.json file.

void createLocalFile() async {
  String dir = (await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory()).path;
  Directory stickersDirectory = Directory("$dir/sticker_packs");
  if (!await stickersDirectory.exists()) {
    await stickersDirectory.create();

  File jsonFile = File('$dir/sticker_packs/sticker_packs.json');
  String content = jsonEncode(stickerPacks);