🎥 Flutter WebRTC Wrapper

⚡ Best and easy way to INTEGRATE WebRTC with Flutter ⚡

Main features of flutter_webrtc_wrapper :

  1. Simple and easy to Connect Flutter with WebRTC
  2. Plug and Play🚀
  3. Event Handlers🚀
  4. In built Methods for Meeting App🚀

Tutorial based on flutter_webrtc_wrapper plugin:

Flutter WebRTC Video Calling Meeting App - Part1 : https://youtu.be/FZDCRza5UDQ

Flutter WebRTC Video Calling Meeting App - Part2 : https://youtu.be/Jr2-pN7UPsg

🎖 Installing

  flutter_webrtc_wrapper: ^<latest_version>


⚡ Create instance of WebRTCMeetingHelper

WebRTCMeetingHelper webRTCMeetingHelper = WebRTCMeetingHelper(
    url: "SOCKET_API_URL",
    meetingId: meetingId,
    userId: userId,
    name: userName,

⚡ Set local Stream

MediaStream _localstream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(mediaConstraints);

_localRenderer.srcObject = _localstream;

webRTCMeetingHelper!.stream = _localstream;

⚡ Events

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('open', null, (ev, context) {

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('connection', null, (ev, context) {


webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('user-left', null, (ev, ctx) {


webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('video-toggle', null, (ev, ctx) {

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('audio-toggle', null, (ev, ctx) {

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('meeting-ended', null, (ev, ctx) {

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('connection-setting-changed', null, (ev, ctx) {

webRTCMeetingHelper!.on('stream-changed', null, (ev, ctx) {


⚡ Methods

  1. toggleAudio Used for toggeling Audio on/off.

  1. toggleVideo Used for toggeling Video on/off.

  1. endMeeting Used for Ending Meeting.

  1. reconnect Used for Reconnecting Meeting.

  1. destroy Used for End/Destory Meeting Helper object.

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