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Flutter web bluetooth is a Flutter Dart plugin to add support for the web bluetooth api.

The library doesn't require Flutter at all giving you the option to use it with projects like AngularDart.

It is also written in such a way that it will play nicely with Dart native projects. So if you have a cross-platform app and want to add web support you don't have to use conditional exports to exclude the library in native releases.

For example:

export 'src/unsupported_library.dart'
    if (dart.library.html) 'src/web_library.dart';

It will (of course) not work when not used in a browser, but it will compile!

The example code in this project is hosted on Github pages. Checkout for a proof of concept.

Limited support

The web bluetooth is still a draft, because of this it is not (yet) supported in every browser. Check for information about browser support.

Some parts of the api aren't available in every version of the browser.


The device and browser you're testing on needs to support the web api. For Chrome on Linux this is hidden behind a flag. I've created a patch file which you can use to launch Google Chrome, from flutter run with the required flag enabled. Check the chrome-experimental-launch folder's README for more information.

You will also need a secure context or else the api will not be available. So either https, or localhost.


First check if the current browser supports the web bluetooth api.

// The bluetooth api exists in this user agent.
final supported = FlutterWebBluetooth.instance.isBluetoothApiSupported;

After this we will need to check if bluetooth is available

// A stream that says if a bluetooth adapter is available to the browser.
final available = FlutterWebBluetooth.instance.isAvailable;

Now request a device from the browser. You must beforehand specify which services you want to connect to! If you do not request access to a specific service then you won't be able to discover the service!

Some services are also part of a so called blocklist. This is different per browsers and these services are just off limit.

// Define the services you want to communicate with here!
final requestOptions = RequestOptionsBuilder.acceptAllDevices(optionalServices: [

try {
  final device = await FlutterWebBluetooth.instance.requestDevice(requestOptions);
} on UserCancelledDialogError {
  // The user cancelled the dialog
} on DeviceNotFoundError {
  // There is no device in range for the options defined above

Now that you have a device, you can go through the services and then find the characteristics you want to read.

await device.connect();
final services = await device.discoverServices();
final service = services.firstWhere((service) => service.uuid == BluetoothDefaultServiceUUIDS.deviceInformation.uuid);
// Now get the characteristic
final characteristic = await service.getCharacteristic(BluetoothDefaultCharacteristicUUIDS.manufacturerNameString.uuid);
final value = characteristic.readValue();
// Now we have a [ByteData] object with the manufacturer name in it.

Once you have paired to a device you can communicate with it again without the user needing to pair to it again. Get a reference back to all the connected devices by listening to the devices stream.

Note: This feature will only work if the "Experimental Web Platform features" flag is enabled.

// A stream with a [Set] of all the devices that the user has paired, and given permission for.

You can also overwrite the logger that his library uses. This allows you to decide where log messages go. See logging on for more info on how to intercept these messages.

import 'package:flutter_web_bluetooth/web_bluetooth_logger.dart';

setWebBluetoothLogger(Logger("my logger"));


A wrapper around js_web_bluetooth to make it more Dart friendly. Changes event listeners into Streams and Javascript promises into Futures.
A library to make the Javascript web bluetooth api available in Dart. It's a direct conversion of the original API without any helpers. It is recommended that you use flutter_web_bluetooth instead.
This is where all the log messages of the library end up.