Wide App Flutter light-Framework (Waff for short) is a set of horizontally layered, vertical module-driven, fast-realizing business logic Flutter light framework for rapid development of Android/iOS and self-designed packaging; no need to distinguish between Android/iOS, easy implementation Develop multi-terminal releases at once.

Based on Flutter2+GetX, Waff has highly standardized the project structure, development methods, and business logic implementation. Layered packaging of commonly used functions and components, combined with development documents and routines, allows developers to quickly build App development skeletons at the beginning of the project, reach a consensus on code implementation, and focus on business logic development.

Waff is the Flutter of Pactera-BG9-IND-Dev-WF Delivery Center based on the site small blackboard App development process, extracting the engineering structure, development methods and business logic implementation, combining the excellent features of previous or participating Android/iOS projects, and abstracting the design and packaging of Flutter The light framework can provide project construction, training, development and implementation for Android/iOS App development at the same time. A rule mechanism for framework iteration, update and upgrade has been initially formed, which will continue to improve and iterate Waff.

泛用Flutter轻框架(英文:Wide App Flutter light-Framework,以下简称Waff)是针对Android/iOS快速开发,自主设计封装的一套横向分层、纵向模块驱动、快速实现业务逻辑的Flutter轻框架;无需区分Android/iOS,轻松实现一次开发多端发布。