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flutter_video_view is a video player for flutter. The video_player plugin gives low level access for the video playback.


Please move to step video_player for specific configuration.

⚠️ PS: There is no need to add video_player dependency to the pubspec.yaml file.

Preparing for use

Version constraints

  sdk: ">=3.2.3 <4.0.0"
  flutter: ">=3.16.6"


  1. Add flutter_video_view to pubspec.yaml dependencies.
  flutter_video_view: ^latest_version
  1. Get the package by executing the flutter command.
flutter pub get
  1. Introduce
import 'package:flutter_video_view/flutter_video_view.dart';

Localized configuration

Add in MaterialApp.

void main() {
  runApp(const MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
        localizationsDelegates: const <LocalizationsDelegate<dynamic>>[


import 'package:flutter_video_view/flutter_video_view.dart';

final VideoPlayerController videoPlayerController = VideoPlayerController.xxx();

final view = VideoView(
  controller: VideoViewController(
    videoPlayerController: videoPlayerController,
    videoViewConfig: VideoViewConfig(),

Popups are implemented by using VideoViewConfig.

Name Type Description Default
width double? The width of video MediaQuery.of(context).size.width
height double? The height of video MediaQuery.of(context).size.height
backgroundColor Color The background color of video Colors.black
tooltipBackgroundColor Color The background color of a widget that displays information about volume, brightness, speed, playback progress, and so on Colors.black54
foregroundColor Color The color for the video's ButtonandText` widget descendants Colors.white
textSize double Size of all texts 14
iconSize double Size of all icons 16
useSafe bool When it is at the top, whether to maintain a safe distance from the top true
maxScale double The maximum allowed scale 2.5
minScale double The minimum allowed scale 0.8
panEnabled bool Whether or not to allow panning false
scaleEnabled bool Whether or not to allow zooming false
aspectRatio double? The Aspect Ratio of the Video null
allowedScreenSleep bool Defines if the player will sleep in fullscreen or not true
autoInitialize bool Initialize the Video on Startup. This will prep the video for playback false
autoPlay bool Play the video as soon as it's displayed false
startAt Duration? Where does the video start playing when it first plays null
volume double The volume of the video, not the device volume 1.0
looping bool Whether the video is looped false
overlay PlaceholderBuilder? A widget which is placed between the video and the controls null
placeholderBuilder PlaceholderBuilder? Widgets in various initialized states null
fullScreenByDefault bool Whether to play full screen when auto play is enabled, Valid only if autoPlay is true false
useRootNavigator bool Defines if push/pop navigations use the rootNavigator true
deviceOrientationsEnterFullScreen List<DeviceOrientation>? Defines the set of allowed device orientations on entering fullscreen null
systemOverlaysExitFullScreen List<SystemUiOverlay> Defines the system overlays visible after exiting fullscreen SystemUiOverlay.values
deviceOrientationsExitFullScreen List<DeviceOrientation> Defines the set of allowed device orientations after exiting fullscreen DeviceOrientation.values
showControlsOnInitialize bool Whether controls are displayed when initializing the widget true
showControls FullScreenBuilder<bool>? Whether to display controls true
hideControlsTimer Duration Defines the Duration before the video controls are hidden Duration(seconds: 3)
controlsType ControlsType Types of controls. ControlsType.normal
showBuffering bool Whether to show placeholders in the buffer true
bufferingBuilder Widget? The placeholder when buffered is displayed above the video null
finishBuilder FullScreenBuilder<Widget>? Widget to display when video playback is complete null
controlsBackgroundColor List<Color> The background color of the controller
showCenterPlay bool Whether to show the play button in the middle. true
centerPlayButtonBuilder CenterPlayButtonBuilder? Play button in the middle. null
canLongPress bool Whether the video can be played at double speed by long pressing true
canChangeVolumeOrBrightness bool Whether the volume or brightness can be adjusted true
canChangeProgress bool Whether the video progress can be adjusted true
canBack bool Whether to show BackButton. true
title String? The title of video null
titleTextStyle TextStyle? The textStyle of title null
topActionsBuilder FullScreenBuilder<List<Widget>>? Widgets placed at the top right null
canShowLock bool Whether the lockable button is displayed false
centerLeftActionsBuilder CenterActionsBuilder? Widgets on the middle left null
centerRightActionsBuilder CenterActionsBuilder? Widgets on the middle right null
bottomBuilder BottomBuilder? It is used to define the control buttons at the bottom and the layout of the display content. null
onTextPosition FullScreenBuilder<VideoTextPosition>? Enumeration value where the progress information is located on the progress bar null
onProgressBarGap FullScreenBuilder<double>? The interval width of the progress bar and time information widget. 10
videoProgressBarColors VideoProgressBarColors? The default colors used throughout the indicator null
maxPreviewTime Duration? Maximum preview duration. null
maxPreviewTimeBuilder FullScreenBuilder<Widget>? The widget displayed when the maximum preview duration is reached. null

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