This plugin uses MediaMetadataRetriever class of native android to get basic meta information of a video file.

The following info can be extracted by this plugin:

title path author mimetype height width filesize duration orientation date framerate location

This plugin is presently working only on Android. (if anyone wants to contribute for ios feel free to PR here..)

Installation & Uses

Add flutter_video_info as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file (what?).

    flutter_video_info: <current version>

Import FlutterVideoInfo in your dart file.

import 'package:flutter_video_info/flutter_video_info.dart';

final videoInfo = FlutterVideoInfo();

String videoFilePath = "your_video_file_path";
var info = await videoInfo.getVideoInfo(videoFilePath);

//String title = info.title;   to get title of video
//similarly path,author,mimetype,height,width,filesize,duration,orientation,date,framerate,location can be extracted.