Flutter Versio Frigidus

Did you ever continue to work on an old Flutter project that just did not work with the newer Flutter version? Did you struggle to find that one correct version where all the framework classes and functions actually worked and nothing was broken? If so, then read on! If not, you might still be convinced to use this tool.

Flutter Versio Frigidus (latin for Flutter Version Freeze) helps developers working on multiple Flutter projects that were created using different Flutter versions to easily switch between Flutter versions based on their projects. 🥳

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There are two main features of Flutter Versio Frigidus. The first one is the extraction of current Flutter framework version or revision and saving it to the project root directory. The second one is setting the current Flutter version to the one needed for given project.

Getting started

This tool can be installed in two different ways, globally and per project, however since this tool is meant to be used across projects, we strongly encourage everyone to install it globally.

Global installation

Simply run

pub global activate flutter_versio_frigidus

and Flutter Versio Frigidus can now be run from anywhere on your machine (however it only makes sense to run it from project root).

Per-project installation

Require this package in your application's pubspec.yaml in dev_dependencies like

  flutter_versio_frigidus: ^1.1.0


Flutter Versio Frigidus exposes two commands that are completely equivalent, one is more verbose (flutter_versio_frigidus) and the shorter version (fvf). Running this tool depends on how you installed it. For global installation, you can simply run

fvf  # or flutter_versio_frigidus

and for per-project installation (in this case you have to be in the project root directory, however you should be there also in the global installation case)

pub run fvf  # or pub run flutter_versio_frigidus


This tool is always meant to be run with exactly one flag. Running the tool without any flags will print help to the console, listing all available flags.

Available flags are presented in the following table.

Flag Description
--freeze Save current Flutter version
--freeze-revision Save current Flutter revision
--restore Checkout freezed Flutter version / revision


This tool is pretty self-content, although if you have any problems, questions, further enhancement ideas, please fill free to file an issue or even a pull request.