PreloadPageView.builder constructor

  1. {Key key,
  2. Axis scrollDirection = Axis.horizontal,
  3. bool reverse = false,
  4. PageController controller,
  5. ScrollPhysics physics,
  6. bool pageSnapping = true,
  7. ValueChanged<int> onPageChanged,
  8. @required IndexedWidgetBuilder itemBuilder,
  9. int itemCount,
  10. int preloadPagesCount = 1}

Creates a scrollable list that works page by page using widgets that are created on demand.

This constructor is appropriate for page views with a large (or infinite) number of children because the builder is called only for those children that are actually visible.

Providing a non-null itemCount lets the PreloadPageView compute the maximum scroll extent.

itemBuilder will be called only with indices greater than or equal to zero and less than itemCount.

You can add preloadPagesCount for PreloadPageView if you want preload multiple pages


  Key key,
  this.scrollDirection = Axis.horizontal,
  this.reverse = false,
  PageController controller,
  this.pageSnapping = true,
  @required IndexedWidgetBuilder itemBuilder,
  int itemCount,
  this.preloadPagesCount = 1,
})  : controller = controller ?? _defaultPageController,
      childrenDelegate =
          SliverChildBuilderDelegate(itemBuilder, childCount: itemCount),
      super(key: key);