pub package

This package will provide a modal login with Twitch, you can get the "code" provided by the Twitch API to create your own authentication flow or get a user object once authentication is complete.

Created by Claudio Oliveira (https://twitter.com/cldlvr)

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Live Example

Add dependency

  flutter_twitch_auth: ^0.0.1 #latest version

Easy to use

// Initialize authentication with your app on the Twitch API

void main() {

    twitchClientId: "<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>",
    twitchClientSecret: "<YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET>",
    twitchRedirectUri: "<YOUR_REDIRECT_URI>",



//Show modal and get logged user data
void _handleTwitchSignIn() async {
  User? user = await FlutterTwitchAuth.authToUser(context);

//Or get the user code and use it with the Twitch API (or Flutter Twitch Package) to create your own login flow.
void _handleTwitchSignIn() async {
  String? code = await FlutterTwitchAuth.authToCode(context);