Provides an interface to Twilio's Programmable Voice SDK to allow voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling into your Flutter applications.

Configure Server to Generate Access Token

View Twilio Documentation on Access Token Generation: https://www.twilio.com/docs/iam/access-tokens

Make a Call

 await FlutterTwilioVoice.makeCall(to: "$client_identifier_or_number_to_call",
                   accessTokenUrl: "https://${YOUR-SERVER-URL}/accesstoken");

Mute a Call

 await FlutterTwilioVoice.muteCall(isMuted: true);

Toggle Speaker

 await FlutterTwilioVoice.toggleSpeaker(speakerIsOn: true);

Hang Up

 await FlutterTwilioVoice.hangUp();

Client Setup to Receive Calls

 await FlutterTwilioVoice.receiveCalls(clientIdentifier: 'alice');

To Do

  1. Android Support
  2. Propagate Events and Call Status Notifications to Flutter