Text To Speech

pub package

A flutter text to speech plugin (Swift,Kotlin)


  • x Android, iOS, Web, Windows & macOS
    • x speak
    • x stop
    • x get languages
    • x set language
    • x set speech rate
    • x set speech volume
    • x set speech pitch
  • x Android, iOS, Web & macOS
    • x is language available
  • x Android, iOS, Web, & Windows
    • x get voices
    • x set voice
  • x Android, iOS
    • x speech marks (requires iOS 7+ and Android 26+)
    • x synthesize to file (requires iOS 13+)
  • x Android, iOS, Web, & Windows
    • x pause
  • x Android
    • x set silence
    • x is language installed
    • x are languages installed
    • x get engines
    • x set engine
    • x get default engine
    • x get default voice
    • x set queue mode
    • x get max speech input length
  • x iOS
    • x set shared instance
    • x set audio session category



OSX version: 10.15

Example App from the macOS_app branch


Website from the example directory.


Change the minimum Android sdk version to 21 (or higher) in your android/app/build.gradle file.

minSdkVersion 21

Apps targeting Android 11 that use text-to-speech should declare TextToSpeech.Engine.INTENT_ACTION_TTS_SERVICE in the queries elements of their manifest.

    <action android:name="android.intent.action.TTS_SERVICE" />

Pausing on Android

Android TTS does not support the pause function natively, so we have implemented a work around. We utilize the native onRangeStart() method to determine the index of start when pause is invoked. We use that index to create a new text the next time speak is invoked. Due to using onRangeStart(), pause works on SDK versions >= 26. Also, if using start and end offsets inside of setProgressHandler(), you'll need to keep a track of them if using pause since they will update once the new text is created when speak is called after being paused.

await flutterTts.pause()


There's a known issue with integrating plugins that use Swift into a Flutter project created with the Objective-C template. Flutter#16049


To use this plugin :

      sdk: flutter
  • instantiate FlutterTts
FlutterTts flutterTts = FlutterTts();

To set shared audio instance (iOS only):

await flutterTts.setSharedInstance(true);

To set audio category and options with optional mode (iOS only). The following setup allows background music and in-app audio session to continue simultaneously:

await flutterTts.setIosAudioCategory(IosTextToSpeechAudioCategory.ambient,

To await speak completion.

await flutterTts.awaitSpeakCompletion(true);

To await synthesize to file completion.

await flutterTts.awaitSynthCompletion(true);

speak, stop, getLanguages, setLanguage, setSpeechRate, setVoice, setVolume, setPitch, isLanguageAvailable, setSharedInstance

Future _speak() async{
    var result = await flutterTts.speak("Hello World");
    if (result == 1) setState(() => ttsState = TtsState.playing);

Future _stop() async{
    var result = await flutterTts.stop();
    if (result == 1) setState(() => ttsState = TtsState.stopped);

List<dynamic> languages = await flutterTts.getLanguages;

await flutterTts.setLanguage("en-US");

await flutterTts.setSpeechRate(1.0);

await flutterTts.setVolume(1.0);

await flutterTts.setPitch(1.0);

await flutterTts.isLanguageAvailable("en-US");

// iOS, Android and Web only
//see the "Pausing on Android" section for more info
await flutterTts.pause();

// iOS, macOS, and Android only
await flutterTts.synthesizeToFile("Hello World", Platform.isAndroid ? "tts.wav" : "tts.caf");

await flutterTts.setVoice({"name": "Karen", "locale": "en-AU"});

// iOS only
await flutterTts.setSharedInstance(true);

// Android only
await flutterTts.setSilence(2);

await flutterTts.getEngines;

await flutterTts.getDefaultVoice;

await flutterTts.isLanguageInstalled("en-AU");

await flutterTts.areLanguagesInstalled(["en-AU", "en-US"]);

await flutterTts.setQueueMode(1);

await flutterTts.getMaxSpeechInputLength;

Listening for platform calls

flutterTts.setStartHandler(() {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.playing;

flutterTts.setCompletionHandler(() {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.stopped;

flutterTts.setProgressHandler((String text, int startOffset, int endOffset, String word) {
  setState(() {
    _currentWord = word;

flutterTts.setErrorHandler((msg) {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.stopped;

flutterTts.setCancelHandler((msg) {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.stopped;

// Android, iOS and Web
flutterTts.setPauseHandler((msg) {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.paused;

flutterTts.setContinueHandler((msg) {
  setState(() {
    ttsState = TtsState.continued;

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.