TreeViewTheme.fallback constructor Null safety

const TreeViewTheme.fallback()

Creates a TreeView theme with some reasonable default values.

The colorScheme is ColorScheme.light, the iconTheme is IconThemeData.fallback, the expanderTheme is ExpanderThemeData.fallback, the labelStyle is the default TextStyle, the parentLabelStyle is the default TextStyle with bold weight, and the default levelPadding is 20.0.


const TreeViewTheme.fallback()
    : colorScheme = const ColorScheme.light(),
      iconTheme = const IconThemeData.fallback(),
      expanderTheme = const ExpanderThemeData.fallback(),
      labelStyle = const TextStyle(),
      parentLabelStyle = const TextStyle(fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),
      labelOverflow = null,
      parentLabelOverflow = null,
      dense = true,
      verticalSpacing = null,
      horizontalSpacing = null,
      iconPadding = 8,
      levelPadding = _kDefaultLevelPadding,
      expandSpeed = const Duration(milliseconds: _kExpandSpeed);