A re-upload of flutter_touch_spin.

Reason: to keep dependencies up to date with the latest version of Reactive Forms, to use in the reactive_touch_spin widget.

Simple number input spinner Widget for Flutter. Inspired by Bootstrap Touchspin


Getting Started

    min: 5,
    max: 100,
    step: 5,
    value: 10,
    displayFormat: NumberFormat.currency(locale: 'en_US', symbol: '\$'),
    textStyle: const TextStyle(fontSize: 36),
    iconSize: 48.0,
    addIcon: const Icon(Icons.add_circle_outline),
    subtractIcon: const Icon(Icons.remove_circle_outline),
    iconActiveColor: Colors.green,
    iconDisabledColor: Colors.grey,
    iconPadding: const EdgeInsets.all(20),
    onChanged: (val){


Attribute Type Default
value num 1
min num 1
max num 9999999
step num 1
displayFormat NumberFormat
textStyle TextStyle TextStyle(fontSize: 24)
iconSize double 24.0
addIcon Icon Icon(Icons.add)
subtractIcon Icon Icon(Icons.remove)
iconActiveColor Color Theme.of(context).textTheme.button.color
iconDisabledColor Color Theme.of(context).disabledColor
iconPadding EdgeInsetsGeometry EdgeInsets.all(4.0)
onChanged ValueChanged<num>