A Flutter plugin for making payments via Paystack Payment Gateway. Supports web, and mobile devices as a wrapper around https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_paystack

:rocket: Installation

To use this plugin, add flutter_paystack_client as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then initialize the plugin preferably in the initState of your widget.

import 'package:flutter_theoaks_paystack_client/flutter_paystack_client.dart';

class _PaymentPageState extends State<PaymentPage> {
  var publicKey = '[YOUR_PAYSTACK_PUBLIC_KEY]';

  void initState() {


Include the Paystack JS script in your index.html file

<script src="https://js.paystack.co/v1/inline.js"></script>


Charge charge = Charge()
      ..amount = 10000
      ..reference = _getReference()
      ..email = 'customer@email.com';

CheckoutResponse response = await PaystackPlugin.checkout(
  context context,
  charge: charge,

It is recommended that when PaystackClient.checkout() returns, the payment should be verified on your backend.