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A flutter package that gives you the flexibility to create and customize text user avatars like Gmail and Contacts. It also provides a TextDrawableListTile widget which wraps around the material ListTile widget to provide easy control when using TextDrawable with a ListTile.

Basic Usage

Simply add the TextDrawable to your widget tree like so:

  text: "Some Text",

Respond to Tap Events (Like Gmail)

TextDrawable widget has an option to receive tap events and switch between the text being displayed and a checked icon.
Just set isTappable = true.
If you wish to receive a callback when the widget is tapped, pass in a function which accepts a bool to the onTap property.

  text: "$index",
  isTappable: true,
  onTap: (val) {
    print("$index selected: $val");
  boxShape: BoxShape.rectangle,
  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(8),

TextDrawableListTile usage

The TextDrawableListTile requires to parameters for a minimal usage - drawableText (String) and title (Widget). It supports all the params of the material ListTile widgets. The leading TextDrawable text animates into a check icon when tile is longPressed.
When selected = true, long press events will not have any effect.

Can be used like so:
  itemCount: 3,
  itemBuilder: (context, index) {
    return TextDrawableListTile(
      drawableText: "$index",
      title: Text("$index"),

TextDrawable Properties available

Property Type Description
text String The text you wish to display. Only first character will be displayed.
height double Height of the TextDrawable widget.
width double Width of the TextDrawable widget. Defaults to 48.
backgroundColor Color Background color to for the widget. If not specified, a random color will be generated.
textStyle TextStyle TextStyle for the text to be displayed. Default fontSize is 18. color is determined based on contrast with the backgroundColor.
boxShape BoxShape Shape of the widget. Defaults to BoxShape.circle.
borderRadius BorderRadiusGeometry Border radius of the widget. Only specify this if boxShape == BoxShape.rectangle.
duration Duration Specify duration of animation between text and checked icon. Defaults to current theme animation duration.
isTappable bool Set to true when you want the widget to recognize taps. Typical selection behaviour found in the Gmail app.
onTap Function(bool) Callback received when widget is tapped. It emits its current selected status.


Check the examples tab or take a look at the example file.


This project has been licensed under the MIT License. Check the LICENSE file for the details.