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Official CLI for Flutter Template to build Flutter Modules easily.

  // To install:
  pub global activate flutter_template_cli 
  // (to use this add the following to system PATH: [FlutterSDKInstallDir]\bin\cache\dart-sdk\bin
  flutter pub global activate flutter_template_cli
  // To create a flutter project in the current directory:
  // Note: By default it will take the folder's name as project name
  // You can name the project with `ftc create project:my_project`
  // If the name has spaces use `ftc create project:"my cool project"`
  ftc create project
  ftc create package
  ftc create plugin
  ftc create module
  // To generate the chosen structure on an existing project:
  ftc init
  // To install a package in your project (dependencies):
  ftc install camera
  // To install several packages from your project:
  ftc install http path camera
  // To install a package with specific version:
  ftc install path:1.6.4
  // You can also specify several packages with version numbers
  // To install a dev package in your project (dependencies_dev):
  ftc install flutter_launcher_icons --dev
  // To remove a package from your project:
  ftc remove http
  // To remove several packages from your project:
  ftc remove http path
  // To update CLI:
  ftc update
  // or `ftc upgrade`
  // Shows the current CLI version:
  ftc -v
  // or `ftc -version`
  // For help
  ftc help

Exploring the CLI

let's explore the existing commands in the cli

Create project

  ftc create project

Using to generate a new project, after creating the default directory, it will run a get init next command


  ftc init

Use this command with care it will overwrite all files in the lib folder. flutter-getx-with-null-safety-template.

Separator file type

One day a user asked me, if it was possible to change what the final name of the file was, he found it more readable to use: my_controller_name.controller.dart, instead of the default generated by the cli: my_controller_name_controller. dart thinking about users like him we added the option for you to choose your own separator, just add this information in your pubsepc.yaml


  separator: "."

Are your imports disorganized?

To help you organize your imports a new command was created: ftc sort, in addition to organizing your imports the command will also format your dart file. thanks to dart_style. When using get sort all files are renamed, with the separator. To not rename use the --skipRename flag.

You are one of those who prefer to use relative imports instead of project imports, use the --relative option. flutter_template_cli will convert.

Internationalization of the cli

CLI now has an internationalization system.

to translate the cli into your language:

  1. create a new json file with your language, in the translations folder
  2. Copy the keys from the file, and translate the values
  3. send your PR.