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A clean and lightweight progress HUD for flutter app, based on SVProgressHUD.

The plugin supports almost all of SVProgressHUD APIs, for Android we have almost replicated SVProgressHUD effects (View code).


Quick Start


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_svprogresshud: ^1.0.0

You can install packages from the command line:

$ flutter packages get


(see demo in /example)

SVProgressHUD is created as a singleton (i.e. it doesn't need to be explicitly allocated and instantiated; you directly call SVProgressHUD.method()).

Use SVProgressHUD wisely! Only use it if you absolutely need to perform a task before taking the user forward. Bad use case examples: pull to refresh, infinite scrolling, sending message.

Using SVProgressHUD in your app will usually look as simple as this:

Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 3)).then((value) {

Showing the HUD

You can show the status of indeterminate tasks using one of the following:

SVProgressHUD.show(status: 'Doing Stuff');

If you'd like the HUD to reflect the progress of a task, use one of these:

SVProgressHUD.showProgress(0.91, status: 'Loading...');

Dismissing the HUD

The HUD can be dismissed using:

SVProgressHUD.dismiss(delay: Duration(milliseconds: 2000));

If you'd like to stack HUDs, you can balance out every show call using:

+ (void)popActivity;

The HUD will get dismissed once the popActivity calls will match the number of show calls.

Or show a confirmation glyph before before getting dismissed a little bit later. The display time depends on minimumDismissTimeInterval and the length of the given string.

SVProgressHUD.showInfo(status: 'Useful Information.');
SVProgressHUD.showSuccess(status: 'Great Success!');
SVProgressHUD.showError(status: 'Failed with Error');


SVProgressHUD can be customized via the following methods:

void setDefaultStyle(SVProgressHUDStyle style);                 // default is SVProgressHUDStyle.Light
void setDefaultMaskType(SVProgressHUDMaskType maskType);        // default is SVProgressHUDMaskType.None
void setDefaultAnimationType(SVProgressHUDAnimationType type);  // default is SVProgressHUDAnimationType.Flat
void setMinimumSize(Size minimumSize);                          // default is Size.zero, can be used to avoid resizing
void setRingThickness(num width);                               // default is 2 pt
void setRingRadiu(num radius);                                  // default is 18 pt
void setRingNoTextRadius(num radius);                           // default is 24 pt
void setCornerRadius(num cornerRadius);                         // default is 14 pt
void setBorderColor(Color color);                               // default is null
void setBorderWidth(num width);                                 // default is 0
void setForegroundColor(Color color);                           // default is Colors.black, only used for SVProgressHUDStyle.Custom
// void setForegroundImageColor(Color color);                      // default is the same as foregroundColor
void setBackgroundColor(Color color);                           // default is Colors.white, only used for SVProgressHUDStyle.Custom
void setBackgroundLayerColor(Color color);                      // default is [Color colorWithWhite:0 alpha:0.4], only used for SVProgressHUDMaskType.Custom
void setImageViewSize(Size size);                               // default is 28x28 pt
// void setShouldTintImages(bool shouldTintImages);                // default is true
// void setInfoImage(UIImage image);                               // default is the bundled info image provided by Freepik
// void setSuccessImage(UIImage image);                            // default is bundled success image from Freepik
// void setErrorImage(UIImage image);                              // default is bundled error image from Freepik
// void setGraceTimeInterval(num interval);                        // default is 0 seconds
void setMinimumDismissTimeInterval(num interval);               // default is 5.0 seconds
// void setMaximumDismissTimeInterval(num interval);               // default is CGFLOAT_MAX
void setFadeInAnimationDuration(num duration);                  // default is 0.15 seconds
void setFadeOutAnimationDuration(num duration);                 // default is 0.15 seconds
void setHapticsEnabled(bool hapticsEnabled);                    // default is false