A pure dart state management class based on standard Dart's Stream.

Keep it simple

And implements your own pattern,

    class CounterController extends Streamer<int> {
      void increment(Increment event) => emit(++last);

The EASE pattern

  • The EASE pattern is inspired from the BloC pattern
    • In the BloC pattern, UI emits Events and a Cubit/Bloc class responds with States
    • Which could be a bit tricky to handle View's logic (navigation, showing a dialog)
  • The EASE pattern defines Events, Actions, States & Errors classes
    • They're used to handle communication between our Logic class and our View through a stream
    • Because a simple view should just depends on a stream of Events/States/Errors and emits user Actions
    • And a simple logic should just depends on a stream of user Actions and emits Events/States/Errors
  • This way it's pretty easy from the View to trigger navigation or dialogs
  • You View does not even need to know Logic implementation
  • You Logic does not even need to know View implementation

Check the example section to see how to implement the EASE pattern

class CounterLogic extends Streamer<CounterIO> {
  int _value;

  CounterLogic(this._value) : super(CounterState(_value)) {

  set value(int newValue) {
    if (newValue >= 10) {
    _value = newValue;

  int get value => _value;

  void onIncrement(Increment event) => emit(CounterState(++value));