Pub Version

Flutter plugin for Star micronics printers.

Native code based on React Native and Ionic/Cordova version
React native Version ➜ here
Ionic/Cordova Version ➜ here

Looking for maintainer

I'm looking for someone to take over the maintenance of this package as currently I don't work on flutter or Star Micromics printer, I can't really validate any changes on Star Micromics native code. Please open an issue if you're interested, generally I'm just looking for someone that can give me confidence you won't just hijack the package for something else.

Updating from 1.0.4 and lower

If you're having trouble please run these commands

rm -rf ios/Pods && rm ios/Podfile.lock && flutter clean

Getting Started

import 'package:flutter_star_prnt/flutter_star_prnt.dart';

// Find printers
List<PortInfo> list = await StarPrnt.portDiscovery(StarPortType.All);

list.forEach((port) async {
/// Check status
await StarPrnt.checkStatus(portName: port.portName,emulation: 'StarGraphic',)

///send print commands to printer
PrintCommands commands = PrintCommands();
 'appendBitmapText': "Hello World"
 'appendCutPaper': "FullCutWithFeed"
await StarPrnt.print(portName: port.portName, emulation: 'StarGraphic',printCommands: commands)


Permissions required depending on your printer:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"></uses-permission>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH"></uses-permission>


Need to add this into your info.plist for bluetooth printers


Work in progress

  • Added documentations in readme

Documentation work in progress, please refer to react native or Ionic/Cordova's documentations for command format