A plugin to listen incoming sms in Android. This package is an extracted SmsReceiver class from a full blown plugin called sms.

Main reason is original plugin is no longer maintained and therefore a null-safety version need to be made.

Credits to original author for providing the base code.

What this is and What this isn't about

This plugin uses android's Telephony and prompts for user's permission to access messages.

This is NOT a plugin that depend on third party API such as Google SMS Retriever API which bypass permission. If you wish to use such an API, consider android_sms_retriever package.

Getting Started

Adding package to project

    flutter_sms_listener: ^0.1.3


import 'package:flutter_sms_listener/flutter_sms_listener';


void main() {
    FlutterSmsListener smsListener = FlutterSmsListener();

    smsListener.onSmsReceived((SmsMessage) {
        // Do something with sms message