Signature Widget library

Signature widget library

pub package



You should add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

   flutter_signature_view: ^1.1.1

Note: If you're using the Flutter master channel, if you encounter build issues, or want to try the latest and greatest then you should use the master branch and not a specific release version. To do so, use the following configuration in your pubspec.yaml:

      url: git://

After adding the dependency to your pubspec.yaml you can run: flutter packages get or update your packages using your IDE.


Simple init SignatureView

  SignatureView _signatureView = SignatureView();

Init with optional params

   SignatureView _signatureView = SignatureView(  
      backgroundColor: Colors.yellow,  
      penStyle: Paint()  
        ..color =  
      ..strokeCap = StrokeCap.round  
      ..strokeWidth = 5.0,  
      onSigned: (data) {  
        print("On change $data");  


  • backgroundColor - Color. Canvas background color
  • data - String. Init your signature view with default data (it will generate after your signed from callback function onSigned
  • penStyle - Paint. Custom your Paint style
  • onSigned - Function(String). Response list offset as String value. You can use it for data to render default signature view

Access data

  • Get list offset as string value _signatureView.exportListOffsetToString()
  • Get data as Bytes _signatureView.exportBytes() -> async function
  • Get base64 String _signatureView.exportBase64Image() -> async function
  • Check empty _signatureView.isEmpty
  • Clear current signature _signatureView.clear()