Flutter Side Menu

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Flutter's full customizable side menu has been used as a directory for Related Pages, Navigation Items, Filter side and more.

Flutter Side Menu Screenshots

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Add dependency

Please check the latest version before installation. If there is any problem with the new version, please use the previous version

    sdk: flutter
  # add flutter_side_menu
  flutter_side_menu: ^{latest version}

Add the following imports to your Dart code

import 'package:flutter_side_menu/flutter_side_menu.dart';


Property Type Default Value Description
builder SideMenuBuilder null Return 'SideMenuData' that includes headers, footers, items, or custom child
controller SideMenuController null The 'controller' that can be used to open, close, or toggle side menu.
mode SideMenuMode SideMenuMode.auto The 'SideMenuMode' which is auto, open or compact and can determine the menu state
priority SideMenuPriority SideMenuPriority.mode The 'SideMenuPriority' which is mode or sizer. in sizer mode the side menu width not change if user set custom size with 'Resizer'
position SideMenuPosition SideMenuPosition.left The 'SideMenuPosition' which is left or right.
minWidth double 50.0 The 'minWidth' value is used to determine the side menu width in the smallest case.
maxWidth double 250.0 The 'maxWidth' value is used to determine the side menu width in the largest case.
hasResizer bool true The 'hasResizer' enable 'Resizer' widget for side menu. With 'Resizer' the side menu width can be customized by the user.
resizerData ResizerData ResizerData() The 'ResizerData' that can set custom style for a 'Resizer'.
hasResizerToggle bool true The 'hasResizerToggle' enable 'ResizerToggle' widget for side menu. With 'ResizerToggle' button you can toggle the width of the side menu between 'minWidth' or 'maxWidth'.
resizerToggleData ResizerToggleData ResizerToggleData() The 'resizerToggleData' that can set custom style for a 'ResizerToggle'.
backgroundColor Color Color(0xffffffff) The 'backgroundColor' it's used to determine the side menu background color


import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter_side_menu/flutter_side_menu.dart';

void main() => runApp(
        home: Material(
          child: Scaffold(
            body: Row(
              children: [
                  builder: (data) => SideMenuData(
                    header: const Text('Header'),
                    items: [
                        isSelected: true,
                        onTap: () {},
                        title: 'Item 1',
                        icon: const Icon(Icons.home),
                    footer: const Text('Footer'),
                  child: Container(
                    color: Colors.white,
                    child: const Center(
                      child: Text(
                  position: SideMenuPosition.right,
                  builder: (data) => const SideMenuData(
                    customChild: Text('Custom view'),