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A Flutter package for hiding the sensitive content of your app when you switch from one app to another.

This way, no sensitive pieces of information are shown while the app previews.


Protect you sensitive content with SensitiveContent widget. It listen for AppLifecycle states, when the app goes in background switch from child content to publicContent content.

Getting started

Add this package to your yaml file

flutter_sensitive_content: 0.0.1

or exec this command:

flutter pub add flutter_sensitive_content


Import the package in your dart file:

import 'package:flutter_sensitive_content/flutter_sensitive_content.dart';

Then, wrap your sensitive data with SensitiveContent widget

  body: SensitiveContent(
    publicContent: Center(
      child: Text("Public Data"),
    child: Center(
      child: Text("Sensitive Data"),
Platform Sensitive Data Public Data
Android android demo sensitive data android demo public data
iOS ios demo sensitive data ios demo publica data