A flutter package that aim to take care of your mobile app security side.

The Code

I'm not a native mobile developer.

This package is a mashup of IOSSecuritySuite and some stackoverflow helpful posts (that I lost links of) for android implementation


To be able to check for anti tampering on Android you need to provide the SHA-1 of the keystore of your app. If you are in debug mode and you didn't make a keystore, a SHA is assigned to your app. Please check you app level build.gradle.


To be able to check for anti tampering on iOs you need a little bit more work to be done. As mentioned here you need to provider you bundleId and the hashed value of the mobile.provision (a file contained into .ipa builded file):

  1. Unzip the .ipa
  2. Go into the payload folder, right click on the app, click on Show Package Contents
  3. You should see the Unix executable with my app name (Example, "test" is the name in this case)

Open a terminal and:

  1. otool -l **/path/to/unix/executable**
  2. look for value of offset and size into segname __TEXT
  3. save those two values somewhere
  4. run dd if=test.ipa ibs=1 skip=<offset> count=<size> | shasum -a 256
  5. save the SHA256 and use it in your code